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Inaugural Blog Post

Welcome to the Barton Spector Wealth Blog!

This is our inaugural blog post.  We hope to provide you with tidbits of information – not only about investing, retirement and the economy, but about world events and how they may impact your life and your finances.  We will also attempt to provide you with other useful information on travel, social trends and other topics of interest.  This is our way to let you peek under the cover of the engine and see what goes into the investment advisory work we do for our friends and clients. 

You are probably thinking as you read this, "What’s in this for me?” or "Not another financial blog?!?”  You’re right.  What is in it for you?  Why another blog?  Well, fair questions.  It’s our hope to bring our expertise to you in a new medium.  We want our articles to be useful, relevant and helpful to you. So, as we hear of questions, concerns or interesting topics from our friends, family and clients, we will bring those to you in a thoughtful way to help inform and educate you. 

Conversely, if there are topics, questions, ideas or suggestions you have that you feel we can answer, please reach out to us via our contact page or by email at And, if you feel our content can be useful to your friends, family and co-workers, feel free to spread the word.  Our blogs are written to share, inform and educate. 

Blog on…