E-Ticket Ride

Remember the E-ticket ride at Disneyland? For those that don’t remember, that meant you were going on the best rides in the entire park – the ones that cost your parents the most to buy for each and every ride. Now we have the fast-pass and you can draw parallels to the E-ticket...
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I’m a prepper, you’re a prepper, wouldn’t you like to be a prepper too….

Provocative title…. we know.  If it got you thinking, that’s great!  You have most likely seen reports in the media, or even among conversations with your friends and family, that a major market crash or correction is coming.  That is quite possible that it is coming. After all, we have been in a bull market for the better part of ten years and there is a lot of noise in the news. While that is important to focus on (that fact that there is a market correction...
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Inaugural Blog Post

Welcome to the Barton Spector Wealth Blog! This is our inaugural blog post. We hope to provide you with tidbits of information – not only about investing, retirement and the economy, but about world events and how they may impact your life and your finances. We will also attempt to provide you with other useful information on travel, social trends and other topics of interest. This is our way to let you peek under the cover of the engine and see what goes into the investment...
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